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Ashley Layden Photography

Hi beautiful! I'm Ashley! I am a wedding and elopement photographer who lives for adventure, connection, raw emotion, and capturing those fleeting moments. I am a wife to a wonderful, hardworking husband, and a momma to a beautiful one year old! When it comes to your session, poses are boring. I want to lead you into interaction and emotion. I want to capture real life moments and genuine interactions. I want to capture the laughter, the love, the tears, and the lives in front of my lens that are real, raw, authentic, and worthy. I am an adventurer, addicted to light, and telling your story. I want to document your worth and change the world through my lens.

Trek and Bloom

I'm an elopement and intimate wedding photographer, currently based in San Antonio, TX. I love traveling, horchata, wildflowers, and turquoise. Mountains and other wild places have my heart. I married my best friend and adventure buddy, Nathan, 6 years ago. Together we enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, eating Chick-fil-a, and collecting sunsets. We're also the proud parents of the cutest rescue pup ever, Lola. 

Photographing love is my passion. I'm an introvert by nature and many years of people watching now allows me to see and capture those sweet glances, quirks, and embraces that tell the beautiful story of your unique love. 

The name  'Trek and Bloom'  represents a number of things to me. 'Trek'  is for my love of traveling, hiking, and exploring.  'Bloom' for wildflowers and natural greenery. But it's 'Trek and Bloom' together because so much of who I am today has been shaped by the people  I have met and the experiences I have had while traveling. Travel and grow. Trek and Bloom.

Brian Schindler

Hi, my name is Brian, and it’s so good to meet you. I’ve spent the last 8 years pursuing what it looks like to build legacies that include others. Ones that allow you to feel as others felt, to laugh as if you were a part of the joke, and to help bridge the gap between your story and the people who hear it. That, plus traveling and shooting some of the most rad weddings with the best people around. And dancing, a lot of dancing. It was essential. 

There are 4 cornerstones to my approach: collaboration, authenticity, trust, and friendship. These work together to create something that I believe is truly unique, your experience. Whether we spend hours driving up a mountain or laugh until our sides hurt at dinner, I’m down for all of it. All that and then throw in some coffee, good food, dad jokes, the Office, and a whole lot of love. This is a journey that we’re meant to take together, and I hope that you come along for the ride. 

Let’s create something awesome, together. 

Ellie Asher Photography

We are a Husband and Wife team located in Portland Oregon. What many don’t know about us is we have big open hearts, big dreams and adventurous spirits. We are always down to create and we seek opportunities to connect with others, both locally and internationally.

We both graduated with our BFA’s in Fine Art Photography and it is easy to say that Photography has been a huge part of our relationship from day one. Ellie began doing wedding photography at a young age because she deeply connected with couples getting married and could relate to the excitement and intense emotions surrounding a wedding day. Eventually after a year or two, Will grew to be fond of the creative spirit of weddings and brought with him a true story-telling quality and an ability to document in the most real and honest way.

Little known about us, we are obsessed with our dog Iglu and while we are adventurous, we also love nothing more than just snuggling at home.


Anthony Godines Photography

My name is Anthony and I’m so lucky that you're here! I’m a traveling wedding and portrait photographer currently based in West Texas. I’m a husband and a father, I love to travel to new and exciting places, I’ve got an unhealthy obsession for tacos and breakfast burritos and my day is never complete unless I squeeze and kiss my wife and kids.

Every couples session, every wedding, I’m always looking to capture true and authentic connection. We don’t get there by posing only but by letting you live in the moment of your very own love story. Every moment, every smile and every fleeting emotion can be captured and remembered for generations to come.

This is your story and these are your moments. If you’re up to inviting me into your story to document it then reach out and say "Hey!" and we’ll tell one hell of an amazing love story.

Thais Photography

Hi there! I’m Thais, the woman behind the lens. I'm a couples and weddings/elopements photographer with focus on photojournalism and emotional connections. As an adventurer with a deep love for the outdoors, I truly believe in embracing the elements of each sessions/weddings that I shoot. I treat my clients as my friends! This allows me to not only genuinely portrait them but mostly to  developing a level of trust and intimacy. The results are more than just pretty pictures.You’ll get a collection of imagery that are hand picked pieces of joyful moments in your life. I love road trips, street festivals, singing out loud, big dogs and the smell of the rain. I could eat steak and fries everyday, every meal! I strongly dislike confined spaces, any sort of housekeeping chores and stoic people. Life is made out of a hollo coaster of emotions, we might as well get it loose and enjoy the ride!

Brad Hart Co

All my life I’ve been captivated by the beauty that I see in the world and had a great desire to share that beauty with others.  Whether it was the spectacular landscapes I would see out my window as a child on long road trips out West through the National Parks in our red ’85 Dodge Caravan or now in the beauty of the love and connection I see between two unique individuals who have joined together as a couple, I am so grateful for this little invention that has allowed me the ability to capture and share beauty.  It’s funny…I never intended to be a wedding photographer.  It just found me one Summer as a couple who loved my creative work, asked if I would photograph their wedding.  One led to another and 45 weddings later, I am now an international destination wedding photographer.  I work with an incredibly talented, creative and genuine photographer, Alisa Nicholle, who began as an intern with me and was too good to let get away so I hired her on to join me.  Together, we would be overjoyed to not only photograph your wedding, where ever in the world that may be, but more than that, to capture the beauty in the connection and love that you share and pass it off to you to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Map & Compass Photography

I’m Nicole, an intimate wedding, destination, and elopement photographer passionate about capturing genuine, true moments between two people in love – like you!  I share your adventurous spirit, your desire to step off the beaten path and chart your own course.  Let’s go!  Whether you’re planning far-off travels for a destination elopement, an intimate wedding with close friends and family, or an adventurous couples session, I’m excited to get to know you and capture the moments of your extraordinary story.


Nick Plus Danée

We are Nick and Danée, best friends,  newlyweds, artists, avid travelers, and owners of Nick Plus Danée. 

Our very modern love story began with... Instagram.  Yep. Instagram.  Nick was a photographer in Cleveland and Danée was a photographer living in Southern California.  At first our relationship was long distance, but because of our craze for each other, and our mutual love for travel, we found that we were together more often than not.  Since then, we have combined forces, got engaged [YAY!], and shoot all weddings together.  

We live for couples who are as adventurous as we are, and we value those who hire us for our art, our vision, and grant us creative freedom to create the most amazing imagery possible on their wedding day.  Above all… We feel as though we are doing exactly what we were meant to do, and we pinch ourselves each morning that we get to wake up and do what we love… With the person that we love most!

Sami Strong Photography

Hi, hey, hello! My name is Sami Strong and I have a passion for photography and photographing love + intimate moments. I believe the majority of the good stuff happens in the in between moments and I love getting to capture those. Do you want to explore the greenery in Arkansas for your engagement pictures? Elope in a small forest in Washington? Say your vows on the sand of Big Sur? Let me know and let's make magic happen!

Ariel Lynn Photography

Hi there - I'm Ariel Lynn! Originally, I ran this show all on my own until my husband, Caleb, found a passion for shooting alongside me. Together we shoot intimate weddings, elopements, and couples from here to there. I am a strong believer in building deep relationships with people in order to capture their individual stories. My vision is to deliver every image with so much of my heart, soul, and passion so that I can be made apart in this world with a tough creative edge. I have a style very unique to my personality and hope that it moves and inspires you the way it does myself when I photograph it. If we could describe our photography style in a few words, it would be "genuine and artfully-crafted imagery." 
We love Jesus Christ and do our best to glorify Him in all that we do every single day. If I'm not jumping for joy behind the camera, you'll find me drinking overpriced coffee and tea or binge watching FRIENDS (an everyday occurrence at our house.) 
We can't wait to connect with you! 

Ready to find your photographer?

Carolyn Marie Photo

I'm an outdoor enthusiast and wedding photographer who thrives off taking killer photos of adventurous couples in wild places. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, NC but spend about half the year traveling for weddings as well. I love taking my couples out for a beer or a shot of whiskey before a shoot to get to know them and get hyped to capture their love. In all things I strive to provide as genuine an experience as possible for my clients; I don't want their memories of their wedding day to be of me taking photos, I want them to be memories of each other and the emotions they were feeling. I try to keep them as focused on each other as possible, rather than on me. I love capturing emotion and I try hard to do so in as unobtrusive way as I can. For me the most important part of wedding photography is capturing the heart of a couples' relationship in a way that they look at the photos and say both "Wow, thats US???" and also "Yes, that definitely feels like Us."



Hello, I’m Yara! I am a believer in Christ, a wife to my best friend, and a mamma to the two cutest littles. I’m an adventurous wedding, elopement and lifestyle photographer. I am a light chaser, storyteller, picture taker, dancer and world traveler! I believe photography is the most important part of your special day. After all is gone and done, the photos are what remain and your memories last forever. I value your story. I want to get to know you. I am happy to say that my clients become my friends! I hope to give you lasting memories that make you feel as though you’re still in that moment for generations to come. I believe magic happens when you are just being you! My favorite are those raw and real moments that happen naturally. Those are the best kind and make your photos magical. You will see me secretly dancing to the music at your wedding, crying like a baby to the father/mother dances and speeches, and ridiculously smiling at all those special moments of love experienced. I love to celebrate alongside of you! 

My husband and I LOVE to travel! We love adventure and exploring new things. We will go anywhere and see the beauty it has to offer. If you are adventurous and have a wedding or elopement planned anywhere in the world, then I’m your girl!

Gabrielle Hail Photography

Hello there, I'm Gabrielle...a fine art wedding + elopement photographer in love with natural light, tight embraces and fleeting moments. Based in Louisiana with a wandering, traveling soul, I seek couples who want a romantic, adventurous, individual wedding experience! A little bit about me? Well, I'm notorious for feeling a lot of feelings and eating a lot of tacos. A LOT of tacos.

What makes me a Wandering Photographer? Growing up hiking and camping in the Wisconsin wilderness greatly influenced my photographic style and my heart sings when a couple longs to hike a mountain or meander off the beaten path. It is my mission to encourage my beloved couples to focus on their love and create a wedding or elopement that reflects their wandering souls. xoxo


Hi, I’m Célestine. I’m a wedding and elopement photographer for adventurous couples. Based in Alberta, Canada, you can often find me wandering around my amazing backyard; the Canadian Rockies.

Once you get to know me you’ll notice that I have a passion for the outdoors and couldn’t be more thankful to live in this gorgeous country (I grew up in Belgium, Europe). I often get super excited when I’m shooting, I’m madly in love with my husband and I’m always up for an adventure.

I love finding unique locations for my clients and I believe it’s important to have a wedding photographer that you connect with and is a good fit. If you’re okay with getting a little muddy, hopping some fences, hiking a mountain or letting the wind flow through your hair, then I’m sure we’ll get along just fine! I would love to hear your story and will travel anywhere in this beautiful world to document your love!

Kim Butler Photography

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful & that will be my life.”-Elsie De Wolfe

You know me. I’m that friend that pops in your head, makes you smile and think “I should give her a call!” or “Oh my gosh, did she really just do that!?” As you laugh till your stomach hurts. I’m THAT friend, only I have a camera permanently welded to my hand, I’m awkward as heck and have almost no filter on my mouth. I’m honest, about as laid back as you can get, one of a kind, and very silly.  I even have lip-sync battles in my office with myself between editing photos. I am spontaneous. I would drop everything to go for a road trip or a hike. I am bubbly, I have traveled across the world, to other continents, countries and no matter where I go, I make friends. But I am also a homebody. Netflix, the couch and I are soul mates. Anything else you need to know is that I love what I do and if given the chance I would help make every woman feel beautiful and every couple be overjoyed by seeing what I captured. It’s what makes me most happy and makes me keep clicking the shutter.

My name is Kim, heeey. 

p.s. The way to my heart: talk about dogs, music, Autumn or Iceland."

Grace and Jaden

Hi! We’re Grace and Jaden.  Wedding + engagement photographers, professional pizza eaters, and full-time adventure seekers. We live in the great Pacific Northwest with our two crazy dogs! We love nature, and are most inspired the ocean. We love what we do, but we don’t get caught up following industry trends, we never take ourselves too serious, and we’re constantly thinking outside the box.


Living Roots

We are Ryan and Breanna! We are best friends, high school sweethearts, and soon to be newly weds! We are located in Oklahoma City, OK but never turn down an opportunity to travel and make memories with you. Breanna started out as solely photographing but Ryan's creative side kicked in and it turns out he has a passion for it as well! We like to think we make a pretty good team.

We are absolutely obsessed with documenting your love story. Each and every couple has a story and it deserves to be captured with thoughtfulness and intention.

We want nothing more than to create art that you can look back on and remember the butterflies of that exact moment. We create images that are simple, intimate, light hearted, and natural. We believe in capturing raw emotions + occasions. Let's ditch the mono colored backdrops and cookie-cutter poses to capture your true story!

We wanna laugh with you, dance with you, and get pizza with you! Hit us up!

Katie Delacruz Photography

Hey guys! My name is Katie DelaCruz, and I am a lifestyle photographer located in Kansas! I'm a lover of pepperoni pizza, essential oils, plants, and puppies. I'm engaged to my best friend, Jake, and we are tying the knot in October! I'm an adventurous, old soul, and I absolutely love to travel. I specialize in weddings, elopements, and couples photography. 

Each love story is different, and so is each couple. I want to capture what is is that makes you guys unique. All the little quirks and things that make you two who you are when you are together. I want you to be able to frame your favorite picture from our session, and be able to look back at it everyday and see and feel the love you have for each other. If you are the type of couple that doesn't mind getting a little mud on your shoes, if you don't mind the wind blowing your hair around like crazy, and want those real, raw moments captured, I'm your girl. 

Inloveness Photography

Courtney Larson is a documentary photographer that brings an honest and personal approach to photojournalism.  Her clients are daring and adventurous and believe just as deeply as Courtney that emotion and vulnerability are some of our greatest treasures. 

Courtney has written two successful educational books and teaches a storytelling workshop through Click Photo School. When she isn't photographing her clients, she'd documenting the happy, messy life of her amazing husband and three small children, in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. 

Sarah Brookhart Photography

Hey! My name is Sarah. I am a natural light wedding and lifestyle photographer. I am based out of Baltimore, MD and Lancaster, PA, but I travel all over the country for photography. I like Jesus, cats, strong coffee, cardigans, my bike, Parks and Rec, warm light, flower crowns, and dance parties. I strongly believe in having a good time. I am married to Ryan, a tattoo and coffee enthusiast, the kindest man I know, and my go-to second shooter. We love spending time with our cats, Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa.

I would describe my work as artistically-inspired photojournalism. I am fascinated by the idea of capturing a still image of an instant, a visual memory that can be experienced. I am a photographer who cherishes the beauty found in a fleeting moment. I am all about documenting real, authentic moments for couples who appreciate adventure and creativity. I believe in creating a series of photos that tell the true story of you and your day.

Samerica Studios

Hi y'all! We are Sam and Erica and we are all about living that San Diego life. Born natives to this glorious city, we get to call this place home. We are real life lovers capturing lovers. We love to travel, we love making memories, we love meeting new people, and along the way we loved mixing all those things together. 

We're not about that "say cheese" awkward family photo photography. Nuh uh... we're about capturing real life moments, intimate moments, emotions that are always felt but sometimes forgotten. We're about the genuine, the sassy, the loving, the quirky, the teasing, the playful, the embarrassing, the annoying, and every other emotion that can possibly be felt between two people hopelessly in love. We're all about that. THAT is why we love what we do. We love capturing whatever love is you. 

Kaoverii Silva

Hey, I'm Kaoverii Silva! I'm a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. When I'm not working on weddings you'll be sure to find me hanging by the beach eating tacos or hiking the gorgeous trails in B.C!

What I love most about photography are the in-between moments. When couples have forgotten they're being photographed and instead enjoying every moment they have with each other. Or the few seconds before the groom sees his bride for the first time. My goal is to capture authentic moments during your wedding day and leave you with amazing photos that you will cherish forever! 

Rustic Moon Photography

Hello Loves! My name is Stephanie and I am the girl behind the camera here at Rustic Moon. I live in the beautiful southwest in Arizona now but was born in the mountains, and they still hold my heart. I am a wife and mother, adventurer and hopeless romantic. I love to hike up a mountain or get muddy in a stream to catch the wild that is your love. I can’t wait to hear your love story and capture it beautifully for you and your loved ones. Let’s chat! Get to know each other and make some beautiful magic!

Koyahni Photography

Hi, I’m Koy! Owner/photographer of Koyahni Photography.

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer specializing in natural light and emotional storytelling. Photographing the madly in love, the adventurous spirit and anyone who truly wants the beauty of their love story captured authentically. I’m a lover of the arts, the often overlooked beauties of everyday life. The smallest smiles, the softest touch, I’m a total romantic.  The whole environment, the light, the landscapes and the amazing humans in front of the lens inspire my photography. No two sessions are alike and I love it. I am lucky enough to call Victoria, B.C. home. I get to shoot from the mountains to the ocean daily. I am endlessly in awe of the beauty of this Island and the incredible people drawn here.

As a mother and wife, I know the full breadth of marriage and what family means. I hope to connect with you through experience and honesty, while acknowledging the beauty of your individuality - in a relatable, sensitive way that my clients say stands out. I am organized, creative, and easy to work with. My first priority is getting to know the real you.  While having fun and making sure you are comfortable to be the most beautiful versions of yourselves as we work together.  

Can’t wait to connect!

ME+HIM Photography

We are Kelly & Trevor and we are the “ME” and “HIM” of ME+HIM Photography. We are Michigan wedding photographers based out of Detroit, in the good Ol’ U.S. of A. We travel for free in Michigan and have reasonable fees to meet you somewhere else in the world. We love intimate weddings with adventurous couples that wear their hearts on the sleeves and their hats on their heads.

Our goal while shooting is to find genuine, honest to goodness, real life (and beautiful!) moments.  We love images that are honest and raw and real.  To really get down to it, we do authentic, intimate, real life photography that also happen to look absolutely fabulous framed! :-)  

We take very seriously the responsibility we have to capture the events of your wedding naturally, as they occur. Your trust means everything to us and we truly want you to be fully present during your day and confident we will capture those invaluable moments. We also appreciate it when you laugh at our jokes, but that’s really beside the point.

Lauren Rae Photography

We are Lauren & Aubrey Hatch, and we believe in love, marriage, and awesome photos. 

We're a couple of adventure-loving southerners who have been in love for over a decade and married for nine years. Our hearts yearn for the wild woods and rambling mountain ridges of the Pacific Northwest, so while we love our home state of Georgia, we travel to the left coast as much as possible! When we're not photographing other people in love, you can find us outside somewhere hiking, camping, and climbing with our little one. 

We build solid relationships with our clients that allow us to create gorgeous, heirloom-quality images for them. Our style is authentic and romantic; full of light and fun. We love to travel, and we live for adventure. Our job is amazing. We can't wait to meet you!

Kate Salley Photography

Oh hello. I'm Kate. I was born and raised outside of Denver, CO - but have been fortunate to travel the world as a part time flight attendant.  My favorite place I've been to is Laos (world's best kept secret, you're welcome). I'm wild about traveling, love, babies, my faith, photography (duh), and Thai food. My husband thinks I'm addicted to coffee (debatable). My cat is hands down the coolest cat on the street.  And I absolutely LOVE being a wedding photographer. I am in search of those madly in love, adventurous couples. The ones who don't mind a little wind or getting dirty or going on a hike at sunrise. The ones who laugh at each other and don't take themselves too seriously. The ones who appreciate good lighting and being in nature. 

I consider my style documentary and photojournalist. I strive for authentic story telling and when I am shooting a wedding I do my best to capture the day as it naturally unfolds. I avoid the awkward, cheesy poses and focus on capturing the essence of you and your love for each other (don't worry, I will help direct you on this!). My goal is to help make you feel comfortable and relaxed - this creates the more genuine and authentic photos. My hope is that our engagement session or portraits at the wedding will be a mini adventure that make you fall in love with each other even more.

Opal and Rose Photography

Hey, I’m Kate, excited to meet you! I’m a traveling photographer, working to capture your intimate wedding ceremonies, romantic elopements, unexpected love stories and authentic portraits. My biggest goal: to bring out those quiet, unexpected moments that are uniquely you.

When I married my husband, it gave me amazing insight as a photographer and helped me understand what moments and experiences were truly important to couples. For you, I strive to be a calm presence in the noise, capturing the beautiful, emotional connections between you and your partner, all the small moments you won’t remember in the rush of the day. I want your photos to help you remember how it felt to be at your wedding, not just how it looked.

I'm an INFJ and a traveller, and lived all over the world from Brooklyn to Australia. I've driven across this incredible country four times and would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ve always been called to the wild scenery of the Pacific Northwest and, for now, I call Portland home. My explorers heart is always calling for the next adventure and at the moment, that’s an aching desire to explore the desert more! Needless to say, I’m available to work with couples from all over the world.

Sarah Jane Photography

Hi there!!!  My name is Sarah, and I am owner of Sarah Jane Photography and I specialize in weddings, elopements, and engagements.  I am a film hybrid shooter and I love love love adventuring and shooting at epic nature locations! I also love getting to know my clients on a personal level and really coming alongside them to make their day truly special and really accentuate who they are.

What sets me apart is my love of light, art, and intimate connections!   These three things drive me and my photography!  I have an obsessive love with light and will make sure to find the best lighting situation in any location to really highlight you as my clients.  I love a truly artistic look in my photos as well, and love it when my clients trust my artistic instinct.  But I love capturing the intimate connections and love between my couples so I will also direct and give you the space you need to capture the love between both of you.

Quinn Oberlander Photo

Hello! I'm Quinn. Wedding & elopement photographer, lover of brunch and consumer of Netflix. I am in a committed relationship with coffee and french fries. I am introverted to a fault and I love to say the f word. I would write an entire paragraph about my cat if I could. Just know that we are best friends and whenever we look at each other, the song She's Like the Wind starts to play in my head.

I am based in the midwest, but I'm also travel-sized (like that whole isle at Target) and I can't wait to follow you and your love wherever it goes. When it comes to weddings I'm a fan of windy days, ditching photo lists, not worrying about getting your dress a little dirty, and shooting photos that will always make you feel the same way you felt that day. 

If you're down, I'm down.

Red Poppy Photo

I shoot love + laughter + lifestyle. I search to find movement in moody real moments on the other side of my camera. My goal every photoshoot is to genuinely learn about my clients and their uniques personalities. I am based in Reno/Tahoe and beyond. 

Kensie Webster Photography

Hey there, Kensie here! I am a travelling wedding, engagement and elopement photographer based in the chilly prairies of Canada. I live for the genuine, teasing, quirky and fun filled photos. I aspire to capture the feelings of every moment, the real love kind of stuff. The stuff that nobody usually see's... The moments that give you butterflies, the quirky inside jokes that you share, and the times where you snort from giggling so hard. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me laughing & adventuring endlessly with my love or working hard towards my degree as an elementary education teacher. 

Together we can create beautiful memories.

Amaris Photography

Photography is my medium, but people are my joy. Because I love genuine emotion. Arms wide open embraces. Real tears and hand holding. Authenticity is one of the things I hold dearest. Let’s keep it real.

It's with that in mind that I try to create space for you to be your real self. Capturing images that reflect the way your nose scrunches or how he holds you. And at the end of it all, I find that most of my clients have now become my friends. And who doesn't want to go to work with their friends? Especially when there are margaritas involved. 
Bet job in the world. Can't wait to see you!

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