Blog Feature - Aeri and Daniel by Tiarra Sorte

connection is a big deal for me. 

i like to meet with my clients whenever i can. 

because // 

1. lunch & conversation 

2. the sigh of relief when we both see we are normal (-ish) people 

3. it sets the tone for how i work 

with me it’s easy. comfortable. 

& when you know you know. 

i spoke with Daniel over the phone, he was in LA & his bride to be was in Korea. 

it didn’t take long to know that these 2 were my clients. 

the conversation came easy. he spoke of their intimate wedding. bringing family & only the closest friends. a ceremony with live music and plenty of time to enjoy food. 

they wanted time to just be together. time for portraits, time to create. (praise hands) 

they trusted me & my style. there was room to breathe, to settle into the moments. 

— the morning was grey & a slight mist in the air. 

but soon, in typical seattle fashion, she let the sun shine on her. 

all for them. 

Daniel & Aeri, married.

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